What is Tungsten Carbide?
Tungsten carbide is an inorganic chemical compound which contains equal numbers of tungsten and carbon atoms. It is sometimes colloquially referred to as simply “carbide.” In its most basic form, it is a fine gray powder, but it can be pressed and formed into shapes for use in industrial machinery, tools, abrasives, as well as men's jewellery.

The notable and rare combination of physical properties possessed by tungsten carbide makes it useful for a variety of applications. It is extremely strong and wear-resistant. There are only a few materials on earth that can be used to cut or engrave tungsten carbide, with industrial diamond abrasives being one of these. Its tensile strength is very high, but it is brittle under high pressures as a result. The melting point of tungsten carbide is also very high, at 5,200 degrees Fahrenheit (2,870 degrees C). To boil, it must be heated much further, to an astronomical 10,382 degrees Fahrenheit (6000 degrees C).

Tungsten carbide can be made by reacting tungsten and carbon at temperatures of around 2552 to 3632 degrees Fahrenheit (1400 to 2000 degrees C). It is then often made into mills and cutting tools for industrial use, which are able to withstand heavy use and high temperatures. Military organizations also use tungsten carbide in armour-piercing ammunition as an alternative to depleted uranium, because of its very high density and hardness level. Several common consumer goods contain tungsten carbide, including razor blades and the rotating tips of ballpoint pens. It has also become increasingly common for tungsten carbide to be used in men's wedding bands. When used in this way, the bands have a dark hue that can be polished to a mirror-like shine. Due to the toughness of the material, these rings will remain shiny and scratch-free for decades.

How do I find my ring size?
We recommend that you go to your nearest Jewellers and have an expert measure your finger. You may get your ring size as a number or letter but that’s not a problem just see our ring size conversion chart to see which size you need to select at checkout. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OTHER RING SIZE CONVERSION CHARTS AVAILABLE ONLINE AS THEY CAN DIFFER. We have gone to great lengths to ensure the accuracy of our chart.

Can Tungsten be re-sized?
No. Due to the nature of this metal it cannot be resized.

Islamic opinion on wearing such rings
Upon our research we found the following information on the permissibility of wearing such rings:
Can we wear a ring that has the Shahada printed on it?
The Prophet Muhammad (saws) wore a similar ring which He used a seal on his official correspondence. On this ring was inscribed Allah Rusul Muhammad. Furthermore to show that this ring was not just meant for the Prophet it was given to the three following Caliphs who also wore the ring but it was dropped by accident in a well by Uthman (ra) while it was in his possession.

Can we enter the bathroom while wearing such a ring?
What we must remember is that the toilet is a roman invention and at the time of the Prophet the Sunnah was to go in an open space or behind a bush etc. So to find a hadith in relation to entering the toilet is not possible. So as there is no example of this in the Sunnah there is therefore no Hukum forbidding one to enter the toilet while wearing such items. But our advise to all of our customers is to remove such items and place them in their pockets our of adaab as the toilet is regarded as a dirty place.